39 presets that will increase the quality of your photographic work. Remember that the result of each preset may vary due to the lighting conditions and white balance of each photograph. You can modify the intensity of each layer to obtain different results.




Photo Doctor

-Ansel's Depth Of Field

-Noise Repair

-Add Grain

-HDR 1

-White Removal (Cutter)

-High Sharp -Fall Tones

-Cinema Grain

-Warm HDR



Skin Deep





B&W Lab

-The Edge


-Green Ish



-Candle light

-ISO 200

-Dark Skies


-Dark Skin


-ISO 400





Color Clinic



-Beach Tan

-Washed Up


-Spring 1969



-Los Verdes 




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#Fashionfineart: The Complete Collection

  • This package contains 39 actions to enhance your photos, this software is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC for Mac and Windows.